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Engineered wood is composed of a thin finish wood layer that has been applied to a lesser grade wood core. The result is a product that is more environmentally conscious in comparison to solid wood. Wood naturally expands and contracts depending on temperature and level of humidity. Because of its construction engineered wood is more dimensionally stable than solid wood. It is less susceptible to moisture. For this reason engineered wood can be installed even below grade while solid wood can only be installed at and above grade.

Engineered wood can be installed over concrete slab; solid wood on the other hand can not. Solid wood needs to be nailed down and therefore needs a plywood sub floor.

Most engineered wood comes pre-finished only. Because of the relatively thin finish wood layer it does not sand well. Solid wood is available both pre-finished and unfinished. It can easily be sanded and refinished. Most pre-finished products come with finish warranties of up to 25 years. In general, an on-site finish is never as strong as a factory finish, which includes 7-10 coats of aluminum oxide that add beauty and durability.

Wood floors add warmth, richness, and value to any home. There are many colors, textures, and sizes to choose from making it a very flexible material to work with.










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